What's new

Spectre.css Changelog

  • Add pure CSS 360-Degree Viewer
  • Improve Docs SEO
  • Change Carousels image number to variable #428
  • Fix Form textarea height issue
  • Add Docs Search #509 #291
  • Add Copy icon
  • Add Hero layout #380
  • Add multiline Tooltips #500
  • Replace transition: all; #526
  • Fix #511 issue
  • Fix sidebar background height for short docs pages
  • IMPORTANT: New Docs
  • Add Changelog to What's New section
  • Fix chip vertical scrollbar #521
  • Fix circle -> s-circle #489
  • Fix code font-family issue for asian languages #476
  • IMPORTANT: Change naming of position utilities to avoid conflicts
  • Update dark color variable
  • Fix sidebar hash link bug #482
  • Fix browser support typo #469
  • Fix code typo #460
  • Fix GitHub button z-index bug #458
  • Fix Bar background color issue by adding !important to color utilities
  • Fix chip bug when content is too long #506
  • Fix multiple select height bug #508
  • Add dark text color to utilities
  • Add error state to the indeterminate checkbox
  • Add inline forms
  • Add more code examples
  • Fix errors in the Docs
  • IMPORTANT: Move Docs to Pug templates
  • Add more Docs examples
  • Add visited link style
  • Add 100% modal height class #391
  • Fix off-canvas-overlay bug #392
  • Fix margin and padding values #431
  • Fix Accordion example #438
  • Fix a bug of input addons width on mobile devices #449
  • Separate Simplified Chinese (zh/zh-Hans) from Traditional (zh-Hant)

IMPORTANT: Move Autocomplete to the Experimentals

  • Add form checkbox, radio and switch support to Menus
  • Add responsive horizontal form support #375
  • Add Favicons in the docs #398
  • Fix Off-canvas z-index problem #361
  • Fix icons disappearing on group classes on focus
  • Fix Deprecation Warning #396 #356
  • Initial commit of RTL support (not finished)
  • IMPORTANT: Restore /dist folder
  • Add Grid nesting example #353
  • Add Form control sizes support
  • Update Off-canvas default behavior and new option available #347
  • Split Mixins
  • Fix Navbar last-child align right bug #346
  • Fix modal doc typo
  • Fix docs examples #348
  • Add new button colors (success and error) #227 #241 #342
  • Add overflow-scrolling: touch; CSS for better scrolling
  • Add touch support to Parallax image hover effect
  • Update the Modal example code
  • Fix form horizontal layout spacing
  • Add new Sliders example #328
  • Add Table with horizontal scroll support #333
  • Update Calendar event style which makes use of color utilities #326
  • Define $parallax-fade-color as default variable #332
  • Fix the Docs content mistake
  • Fix breadcrumb-item extra spacing #337
  • Fix comparison slider image responsive bug #338
  • Rewrite Off-canvas component
  • Add active support to the Off-canvas #308
  • Update the Docs pages
  • IMPORTANT: Increase default font sizes to 16px #271
  • Add version number to CSS #288 #289
  • Add Icon Sizes #284
  • Add Large Modals #293
  • Update primary color to #5755d9
  • Change Tooltips white-space to pre #292
  • Encode SVG Data URI (thanks to @mariodev) #297 #298
  • Improve Buttons and Forms small and large variables
  • Improve Filters code
  • Improve gulpfile and package
  • Add Importing Sass Docs
  • Add Off-screen experimental
  • Fix Docs rendering bug in Safari
  • Add default modifier to all variables
  • Add address reset which changes font-style to normal
  • Add Details and Summary Accordions support
  • Fix responsive video
  • Update the Docs
  • Switch from Less to Sass
  • Add Cursor utilities
  • Add label-rounded classes
  • Add Avatars presence status code
  • Add Typography Fonts Docs
  • Add Button variant mixins
  • Update Autocomplete style
  • Update Autoprefixer rules
  • Update label mixin and code mono font family

IMPORTANT: The default root font-size has been changed to 20px, please update your rem numbers if you're using the custom sizes. Learn more.

  • Fix margin and padding utilities bug
  • Add grid offset
  • Rename Display utilities class names
  • Move Panels and Empty states to Components from Layout
  • Fix Docs bugs and cleanup codes
  • BIG Update to the Docs experience, completely rewritten and improved #240
  • Add Text and Background colors utilities #205 #219
  • Add Install from CDN option #191
  • Add unit size (4px) and unit size variables
  • Add Responsive container (max width container) #222
  • Add error and success states to checkbox, radio and switch #246
  • Fix Rem unit issue in East Asian Chrome #110
  • Fix icon direction bug #218
  • Fix Dropdown menu max items/height #226
  • Add vertical divider
  • Add Form icon support
  • Add Accordions
  • Add anchor links to Docs
  • Add new container grid size
  • Fix link error and typo
  • Add Timelines code
  • Add input readonly style
  • Change Gulp building process and ignore /dist
  • Change naming danger to error
  • Change label-variant mixin
  • Fix dropdown-toggle border radius in button groups
  • Fix Calendars date item width bug under Firefox
  • Add pure CSS Comparison Sliders
  • Add pure CSS content Filters
  • Add Avatars badge support
  • Add more icons
  • Change :focus support
  • Change Docs image sizes and add object-fit support
  • Update Navbar code
  • Fix typos, Modals bugs
  • Add pure CSS Popovers
  • Add pure CSS Icons
  • Add Slider bars
  • Add tvOS Parallax effect text layer
  • Update shadow mixin
  • Add Shadows and Z-index variables
  • Add Divider text
  • Improve color variables
  • Cleanup components code
  • Remove the Responsive Resizer tool (Moved to https://github.com/picturepan2/responsive-resizer)
  • Add Panels layout: flexible view container layout with auto-expand content section
  • Update Navbar layout
  • Update docs and examples
  • Add Carousels previous and next buttons
  • Improve disabled state for forms
  • Improve calendar events style
  • Improve Sliders disabled style
  • Improve Autocomplete menu position
  • Merge Menus and Dropdowns
  • Add Calendars experimental support
  • Add tabindex note to the dropdowns docs
  • Add shrink-to-fit=no to head meta
  • Add Colors docs and update colors
  • Fix wrong shadow colors with form-select
  • Fix grid-480
  • Add Carousels initial experimental version
  • Add Spectre.css Twitter account (@spectrecss) link
  • Improve Docs experience and navbar
  • Fix the bug of form input focus colors
  • Improve color variables completely
  • Add Menu badges
  • Add Responsive visibility (show-x)
  • Add Parallax effect (pure CSS)
  • Fix elements and components
  • Update empty state layout code
  • ADD: Meters element experimental support
  • ADD: Progress indeterminate animation
  • ADD: Text-decoration-skip support
  • CHG: Split Codes and improve docs codes
  • FIX: Steps with tooltips z-index bug
  • Bars component
  • Badges for buttons
  • Experimentals CSS and docs
  • Sliders experimental component
  • A number of fixes as usual

I have updated the whole Spectre.css documents experience and bumped the version to v0.2.x. The new Docs can be viewed at https://picturepan2.github.io/spectre/. Here are the new things added:

  • New Docs experience with better navigations and better mobile off-canvas menu
  • New components: Tiles, Steps and Navs (part of Navigation)
  • Improvements: Action button, Autocomplete, Pagination, Tabs, Breadcrumbs, Badges, Cards, new Progress experimental support and better focus style
  • Fixes
v0.0.1 - March 2016

Initial commit

Thank you. ♥