The Off-canvas is a navigation layout that the sidebar can slide in and out of the viewport. It is built in pure CSS.

By default, the off-canvas menu is collapsed whenever the window width is. But you can add the off-canvas-sidebar-show class to the off-canvas to make the sidebar expanded when the window width is larger than or equal to 960px.

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You can open the sidebar by adding the class active to off-canvas-sidebar. And remove the active to close it.

<div class="off-canvas">
  <!-- off-screen toggle button -->
  <a class="off-canvas-toggle btn btn-primary btn-action" href="#sidebar-id">
    <i class="icon icon-menu"></i>

  <div id="sidebar-id" class="off-canvas-sidebar">
    <!-- off-screen sidebar -->

  <a class="off-canvas-overlay" href="#close"></a>

  <div class="off-canvas-content">
    <!-- off-screen content -->